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partyAt Augusta Youth School of Dance, we offer tap dance lessons where center floor and barre work are taught for children ages 6 and older.  We also offer basic routines and combination steps that are most suitable for the level of class your child is in.  Tap away with us at Augusta Youth School of Dance! Our tap dancing classes focus on developing and increasing coordination, tap and sense of timing. Augusta Youth School of Dance exposes children to a wide variety of musical styles in our tap classes, thus helping to broaden your little one’s musical tastes. The music is always fun and age appropriate for our classes, and we always consider the level of the class when choosing music. polkadotWhile experiencing the joy that accompanies tap dancing, your child is exposed to different grooves and rhythms, making tap dancing that much more enjoyable! The tap dance classes here at Augusta Youth School of Dance are fun and vibrant and are guaranteed to be a great experience for your little dancer.Our tap dance instructors enjoy tapping and teaching. In fact, our passion for tap dancing is quite contagious, and we are always energetic and encouraging when teaching our tap dancing class. We understand that your children are dancing because they want to have fun, so our goal is to allow them to have that fun in a constructive, challenging, creative way while learning a fantastic form of dance.


Tap dancing:

  • Is great exercise.
  • Is a great way to boost metabolism.
  • Is a Wonderful way to creatively express yourself.
  • Is an enjoyable way to make new friends.
  • Assists in coordination and balance development.
  • Builds healthy self-esteem.
  • Is great for both boys and girls.
  • Harnesses the natural rhythm already inside of your child.
  • Teaches children the value of teamwork.
  • Is a great foundation for other dances, like hip hop and jazz.

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