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jazz classes Augusta, GAOur fun jazz lessons here at Augusta Youth School of Dance are designed for children ages 7 and up. In our jazz classes, children increase their dance progress while learning with upbeat, fun music. Our classes are quite sassy and jazzy. They are just perfect for children who are looking for more fast-paced fun. In our jazz classes, our students learn twists, turns, steps and specially choreographed dance routines for our May recital.

Jazz dancing covers a wide range of dancing styles and promotes both improve skills and individuality in your children. The dance moves are fun, and there are truly no limits to creativity. Because of this, many children love this popular form of dance. In our jazz dance classes, your child will develop agility and strength. They will also fine tune their fine and gross motor skills. These skills include balance and coordination. As an added bonus to the physical benefits of jazz dance, your child will also learn to appreciate the many forms of both dance and music.

Jazz Classes Augusta GABecause our jazz dance classes are taught to engaging, cheerful music, our little ones are encouraged to try freestyle movements. This helps nurture their imagination and creativity. It also gives them the confidence to try new things in a supportive environment. Most children truly love the freedom that comes with learning jazz dancing. While working on technique, other benefits of jazz dancing are: coordination, exercise, socialization, development of self-esteem and confidence. Even though jazz is quite a challenging form of dance, it is also fun, interesting and exciting.

children's dance lessons Augusta, GAOur jazz dance teachers here at Augusta Youth School of Dance absolutely love teaching this class, and their passion for it shows in each lesson. We love seeing our students blossom through creativity and freedom of movement.  We encourage this growth in a fun, productive, protective class environment.

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