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Children’s Dance Lessons

Fun and Exciting Children’s Dance Lessons! 706-496-5800

As a form of self-expression and art, dance can be a limitless profession, hobby and so very much more. It is truly as unique as the dancer. Giving children the chance to take dance lessons is a great way to start them on a very exciting journey! When you are looking for children’s dance lessons that are fun, supportive and exciting, call Augusta Youth School of Dance. 706-496-5800

Augusta Youth School of Dance welcomes you to the premier children’s dance studio in the Augusta, GA area! We offer the most fun children’s dance lessons around. It is our pleasure to provide our community’s children with the many benefits that dancing provides. These include wonderful and new ways that kids can enjoy themselves while growing and learning. Our wide array of classes include: ballet, jazz dance lessons, hip-hop lessons, lyrical lessons and tap dance lessons to children from 3 years-old and up.

Weekday and Saturday Children’s Dance Lessons are available.

Augusta Youth School of Dance teaches in a fun and loving environment. Our children’s dance lessons are also disciplined and structured. Classes are taught by skilled dance instructors. This allows even the smallest child to both enjoy and learn the art of dance. Together with our gifted, friendly instructors, we are dedicated to teaching children and preschoolers about the basics of dance. We do so by involving them in dance routines that have been specially choreographed. Through this commitment, our students will be more than ready for our annual May recital at the Georgia Regents University Augusta Maxwell Performing Arts Theater.

The wide variety of children’s dance lessons offered by Augusta Youth School of Dance ensures that there is something for each little dancer. From tap dance classes to hip hop dance lessons, we love to see kids dancing! If your little one has expressed an interest in taking dance lessons, give Augusta Youth School of Dance a call today! 706-496-5800